Medical malpractice is an illegal activity done by doctors to harm patients. It causes injury to the patient as most of the patients and his family members are ignorant about the fact that doctors can do these types of wrongs.

Doctors are known as Gods on Earth. But sometimes, these doctors also do malfunctioning and fraudulent practices, which is not at all legit anywhere in the world. But still, some doctors forget the oath which they had taken in the oath ceremony. They do malicious exercises for monetary benefits and harm the patients. Some well- known hospitals drive hoaxes in their places secretively. They earn black money through various deceiving tricks such as Kidney transplants of poor people without telling them. They charge high or doubled up prices of medicines and restrooms, etc.

Basic grounds of medical malpractices: 

Legal department: Law and police departments are also generally involved in these frauds. Hence the public has no option left with them to be safe from these medical malpractices. Patients have to face troubles on their own in such instances.

Illicit degrees: Some of the doctors do not even have the degrees of their medical practice, and they illicitly work in hospitals as surgeons, nurses, psychiatrists, and so on. They professionally hide their reality and generate fake degrees through a bribe. Medical malpractice done in such a way as wrong surgery done by them or wrong medications prescribed by them to the patients, they might get troubled in the police cases if anybody files a claim against that particular doctor.

Lesser knowledge: sometimes, the doctors even cannot diagnose the disease prevailing in the patients’ bodies. They still prescribe medications to them, to maintain their beautiful image in the medical market. The medicines do not work on his body. It may create severe issues in his body.

Handwriting: It is the primary cause of a substantial percentage of deaths in the world. The doctors have insufficient time, so they write medical prescriptions at a very high speed. Their speed of writing makes the words incomprehensible for the pharmacist. The medical stores provide wrong medicines to the patients, and this hampers the patients’ health overall.

Incomplete information: the doctors do not provide enough information about the medical problems or diseases from which the person is suffering. The lack of knowledge to the patient about the intensity of their illness is a vital cause of several deaths per year. No awareness about the side effects of the medicines they are taking is also one of the reasons.

Negligence: some medical practitioners avoid using their senses while doing operations or prescribing medications to the patients. They need to understand that it is the question of someone’s life.

Sick patients and their low-income family members also do not have enough money to pay for the considerable amount of fees. They cannot even file a lawsuit against doctors or hospitals. It burdens their whole family, and this may cause loss of wealth as well.